11 Agustus 2009

I've made my own statement necklaces! :---D

Udah lama banget pengen bikin statement necklace sendiri tapi gatau dimana tempat beli bahan2nya. Tapiii setelah akhirnya dikasih tau nyokap tempat beli bahan2nya dimana, langsung deh gw kesana beli bahan2nya dan langsung bikin my own 'do-it-yourself' statement necklace!

This one is my favourite. Look at the beautiful feathers ;----D

hihi saking puas dan excitednya (sama hasilnya) tadinya gw mau ikutan 'statement necklaces gogirl competition' yang holiday project itu loh.. haha but i think there's still many gorgeous d-i-y statement necklace out there.. :'')

See you soon with my another creativity! ;-----D

10 Agustus 2009

For my future's sake..... ~sigh

Realize that i'm 17th already and just graduated from my highschool this year,
I have a lotssssssssa things and plans that i have to do and reach for my future's sake............

Ini step-step program edukasi yang akan (dan harus!!) gw jalanin 4 taun ke depan..

1. S1 economy management Binus university (starting from this year!)
2. English diploma from Wallstreet institute (a few months again..)
3. Esmod one-year-program 'fashion bussines retail' (next year)

Amiiiiiin, semoga bisa terwujud dengan baik dan lancaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Amin. amin, amin!

05 Juli 2009

Unloveable me :-(

Pretending like nothing happens? Ya that's sounds a good idea.

Hello July!

Waw it's already july, everyone! gila banget ya rasanya taun baru tuh baru kemaren deh, tapi sekarang udah pertengahan taun aja. Dan ga kerasa banget gw udah berbulan-bulan nganggur di rumah semenjak uan, ckck. Dan bulan ini tuh bener2 diawali dengan buruk banget deh, mulai dari ribet masalah thafan veter, ga dapet sekolah buat pindah naik, kesel gara2 dia mau pindah ke bandung, sampe hal-hal lainnya yang akhirnya bikin gw putus. Tapiiiii kita udah balikan lagi kok, hehehe dan yang bikin tambah seneng, thafan ga perlu pindah ke bandung, soalnya dia udah dapet sekolah di depok hahaha tapi itu juga mungkin cuma sementara aja, hehe Alhamdulillah banget deh kita ga jadi long distance :---D
Terus dari kemaren udah demam sama flu gitu, ga enak banget deh semoga aja hari ini bisa sembuh.

29 Juni 2009

Say goodbye to highschool drama

Now i don't have to tryin hard just for being accepted, or being liked or even admired.
Now i don't have to wearing a 'mask' and being faked to anyone.
Now i don't have to put on such a good fake smile anymore.

Real and fake friends don't even have any differences.

Bye bye high school drama.

27 Juni 2009

Trouble sleeping

I can't sleep, it's 3:00 in the morning
My eyes keep searching for something to see, my body starts to twists, from here to there an indication for an exhaustion.

It's Sunday already, Monday is ahead and i never said i was waiting for Monday
cause Monday it is, Mondays we hate
Can I pass Monday please ?Eeergh, don't bother Monday anymore
bother this,the problem-I-always-have-in-every-holidays
trouble sleeping.
a mini vexatious less significant problem I always had
Help me,or at least accompany me until I'm asleep,
and witness myself within my own dream..

Read this (!)

About negative things about me that probably popped in your mind before you continue up reading...
I totally care.
Well, I'm a proud for being myself, and it doesn't make me heartless, that i've been wishing i'd be. All rumors you have spread, those shiteous mocking and talking whatsoever. Have made me think twice about giving respect. We know we're not even friends but please stop misjudging. Because you don't know me at all. My attitude, every sentence that've splitted out my mouth, are not your business. My past and background are not the worldwide news. Myself is not a comparison to others. Pity you couldn't tolerate an odd side of my life, when I was suffering to tolerate yours. And for the sake of being exist, you huddled your "buddies" up by hurting someone. How uncool. Please do not create your own notion based on your over confidence. I believe a douchebag alone is better than huge amount of it. And here I'm free to express what has been running across my brain, so you know what? FUCKTHIS

as time goes by...

Konvoi 17 agt 2008, sman 46 angkatan 2009 <3

My awesome girls, at my 17th birthday

My classmates for 2 years :----)

Our greatest moment.

Back to senior high,
I remember every single minute from my grade 10 until grade 12
Where i stood, where i sat,where i laughed, where i cried,where i was happy, where i was upset where i made things right, and where i messed up.

And where i was, there were my friends who always stood up beside me.
I had the best, i had the worst.
I've felt the loyalty, i've felt the backstabbed.
I fell in love, i fell out of love.
I was young, and i grew up.
I made the wrongs and i learned.
We all write the wrongs.

From time to time we still stand in a circle, a circle of what i called friendship with an additional of love. I drew it up as a circle, cause i don't want any square or rectangle. Square and rectangle has end points, but not a circle, a circle has no end. And that's us, we have no end. No end of love, no end of hopes, no end of laughs, we just got no ending of everything.

So hey there senior high friends! How are you and how's life treating you?